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Gary Smith EDA (GSEDA) is the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, and related technology markets.

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    • DATE 2008

      Congratulations DATE, you've pulled it off...becoming a major conference for Embedded Software development, especially that pertaining to Multi-Core/Multi-Processor systems... What was even more impressive was...its intention of becoming a true "systems" design automation (SDA) conference, using this year's automotive emphasis to bring mechanical design to the table...
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    • Why EDA is Becoming Exciting Again

      This year’s DAC was a hard one to classify. However in the last year there were several panels that either questioned the meaning or existence of ESL design. Unless I missed something, there was nothing along these lines at DAC 2008. Somehow it had been replaced with an acceptance that like it or not we had entered the ESL area.
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    • EDP 2008: Multicore, Parallel Programming and Industry Outlook

      This year’s EDP conference in April focused on the continuing evolution of multi-core systems and their associated design problems. Semiconductor vendors reflected upon the difficulty of programming multicore platforms, the lack of software that could exploit the concurrency of the multicore design and the limiting nature of memory latency that holds down system speed...
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    • Is 2008 the Year for Analog Mixed-Signal?

      GS EDA has been interviewing companies to uncover whether "Is 2008 going to be the year where analog design automation moves forward and catches up with digital design automation?" While there has been a shift away from in-house proprietary solutions to design tool integration, will DAC be the turning point?
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    • ASP-DAC 2008

      Trip report includes discussion of Jan Rabaey (UC Berkeley) keynote address, System-Level Design versus ESL versus System Design Automation, Network on Chips, model-based ESL versus language-based ESL, F.C. Tseng (TSMC) keynote address, Semiconductor Research Consortia, and Restrictive Design Rules...
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    • A New Breed of Engineer

      While there have been some complaints on the quality of education for the new EE graduates, our experience has been positive...Recently some professors have been talking about a new engineering curriculum for embedded designers… We are seeing the need for an engineering curriculum for an entirely new breed of engineer...
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