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Gary Smith EDA (GSEDA) is the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, and related technology markets.

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    • Executive Summary - 2012 EDA Market Trends

      Market Share: Cadence regained their number two position in the market although that battle isn’t over yet. Mentor remains the Company with their eye on the future, where Cadence’s future direction is still uncertain but building. The Market Trends Executive Summary includes an overview of this year’s Market Growth including a figure comparing ESL vs. RTL markets.
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    • Design Management & IP Reuse Study

      The shift to commercial Design Data Management software was reaffirmed. With designs exceeding 100+M gates, design files are requiring sophisticated Design Management software that has been specifically targeted toward IC Design. General purpose or PDM tools don’t solve the problem.
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    • In Search of a Power Model

      Analysis of User Wants & Needs Power Survey in 2011 and how the new ITRS Power Model allows design trade-offs between frequency and gate count.
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    • Two Current Misconceptions in the Design Community: Software Driven Design & Cloud Computing

      Why Software isn’t driving today’s Hardware and how Cloud Computing isn’t affecting EDA.
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    • What To See at DAC 2012 List

      17th annual write up of 'must see' products at the 49th DAC 2012. To post / reprint the list and/or use GSEDA logo, purchase the RV for $500. View the List for Free.
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    • Gary Smith EDA Activities at DAC

      Gary Smith EDA Activities at DAC
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    • Spring and EDP 2012

      Don't miss this conference for Design Methodologists in Monterey on April 5&6. Review of compelling agenda including: SoCs and FPGAs; Top 5 EDA problems; EDA in the Cloud; Low Power with Performance: servers, software, ASIPs and Jim Hogan keynote, and 3DICs.
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    • ASP-DAC, the DAC Down Under

      This was a very interesting ASP-DAC with two main take-a-ways from the conference: Parallel Computing is really, really hard, but we can do it and Homogeneous Computing is Dead.
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    • DVCon 2012 Takes on the System Level Verification Challenge

      I believe the attempt to move our verification methodologies up into the ESL Architectural level will fail. ESL Behavioral Level is where verification should start. That will cause us to completely rethink our verification approach.
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    • Mentor and Flowmaster - Thinking Out of the Box

      Mentor Graphics has announced that it has acquired the Flowmaster Group, a UK-based provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. This isn’t the first time Mentor has reached into the mechanical world. Mentor is clearly thinking out of the box here.
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    • Welcome to 22 nm Design – It Ain’t Going to Be Easy

      The transition from 32 nm to 22nm silicon will have a major impact on the design community. You will see more and more design teams deciding to leave the IC Layout portion of the design to the experts.
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