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Gary Smith EDA (GSEDA) is the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, and related technology markets.

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    • The Texas Surprise

      The consolidation of the semiconductor industry has been a hot topic for at least five years. Although this consolidation has usually referred to the elimination of the IDM model, it actually is the consolidation of those semiconductor companies that fabricate silicon products. Today that means IDMs and foundry vendors...
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    • [email protected]

      The Crises in Concurrent Programming or Preparing for Multicore presentation and Research Viewpoint by Daya Nadamuni Programming multicore devices requires good insight into parallel programming methodologies and techniques. While parallel programming is understood in theory, it is not very prevalent in the mainstream application development arena as most parallel programmes are confined to highly data intensive applications such as weather forecasting and very large scale control systems. However, with leading semiconductor and system vendors trying to grow their multicore platforms businesses, it is becoming clear that good programming models are very necessary to help their platforms to succeed in the marketplace. This poses a tremendous challenge to both the design community and the design tools vendors as they stand on the brink of the move to a new market paradigm.
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    • [email protected]: What EDA and Chip Designers

      Don't Think About presentation and Research Viewpoint by Mary Ann Olsson What the EDA and chip designers don't think about or envision are the critical parameters at the end of the design flow, where package and board assembly takes place. EDA and chip designers can assign a specific package at the model stage, but there are too many variables that they do not adjust for that maximize the die to package and system performance.
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