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Gary Smith EDA (GSEDA) is the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, and related technology markets.

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    • Killer EDA Apps for the Next Decade

      Gary's presentation at AutoESL's DAC booth addresses an analysis of the EDA market and its sub-applications (as depicted by the Wallcharts) with market values of the top 14 sub-applications. Recommendations for how vendors can be successful.
    • Cost: $500

    • Incremental or Explosive Growth? DAC 2009

      Gary's annual EDA industry review Sunday night at DAC. This is a make or break year. Incremental or explosive growth will be determined by whether EDA vendors' tools address the SW market.
    • Cost: $500

    • What To See @ DAC Research Viewpoint: Back to Basics

      The 14th annual ‘must see’ list of products includes ESL synthesis, ESL power, DRC/ Extraction, ASIC layout and Design Team E&A tools. This year we are going back to the basics. Includes What To See @ DAC Monday morning pavillion presentation.
    • Cost: $500

    • ESL Wallchart Research Viewpoint

      The Methodology Matures. Review of new, acquired and out of businesss companies as well as changes to sub-applications including list of ESL Killer Apps.
    • Cost: $500

    • CAE & CAD/ CAM Walchart Research Viewpoint

      Activity slows in a difficult year. Review of new, acquired and out of business companies as well as changes to sub-applications.
    • Cost: $500

    • 2009 EDA Market Forecast - Not Looking Up Quite Yet

      At Least It Isn’t Getting Any Worse. Although layoffs and budget cutbacks are still prevalent and slow sales are projected, it doesn’t seem that the recession is deepening, either; stagnation is the name of the game right now. What is the current forecast and the market drivers for growth?
    • Cost: $1000

    • 2H08 AMS Financials Year-End Bloodbath

      The second half of 2008 ended in a bloodbath for AMS semiconductor suppliers. 1Q2009 IDMs, fabless and foundry companies remain precariously negative about future growth for the year. Includes tables, analysis and review of 3Q and 4Q 2008 AMS Company Financials and TI’s 4Q 2008 Segment Revenue Results.
    • Cost: $500

    • 4Q08 EDA Market Forecast4Q08 EDA Market Forecast

      4Q08 EDA Market Forecast 2008 is shaping up to be the worst year in recent history for EDA. At the outset of 2008, it looked like it would be a pretty good year. Having just come off of two consecutive years of 10 percent growth, 2008 showed signs of fairly robust demand, albeit a bit lower than the previous couple of years. The EDA market appears headed to decline...
    • Cost: $1000

    • What To See @ DAC Research Viewpoint

      The 13th annual ‘must see’ list of products includes power optimization, analog layout and ESL/ SW tools. This document articulates the process of choosing which tools are selected and recommendations for companies to improve their chances to make it though the current electronic inflection point… Includes What To See @ DAC Monday morning pavillion presentation.
    • Cost: $500

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