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Gary Smith EDA (GSEDA) is the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, and related technology markets.

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    • IP - The Expectations and the Reality

      A powerpoint presentation discussing: the promise of IP reuse and why it didn't happen; recent changes to the ITRS cost chart; different types of IP (design (royalty vs. non royalty chart), verification and models).
    • Cost: $500

    • Executive Summary of 2010 Market Share

      Two page overview of full market share report. Contains table of top 5 EDA companies with revenue and growth, graph of regional EDA revenue and growth, and EDA market analysis.
    • Cost: $500

    • EDA’s RTL & Below and CAD/CAM Wallcharts 2011: The Lull Before the Storm

      Analysis of the changes in the Wallcharts with a discussion of the RTL Sign-off problem and the Sub-Apps likely to move to ESL soon. Includes chart and discussion of changes in the Wallcharts over the last 13 years in terms of Merged, Died and New companies.
    • Cost: $500

    • ESL Wallchart 2011: Stable and Growing

      ESL growth is up significantly, but not as much as last year. Discussion of the one additional new category (Software Synthesis) and what it is. Analysis and explanation of the Three Virtual Prototypes. Review of movements with established and new companies.
    • Cost: $500

    • What To See at DAC 2011 Research Viewpoint

      16th annual write up of 'must see' products at the 48th DAC 2011 with a detailed analysis of the products, categories and why you 'must see' them. To post/ reprint the list and/or use GSEDA logo, purchase the RV for $500.
    • Cost: $500

    • 4Q10 Analog/ Mixed-Signal Financial Outlook

      Includes market & vendor analysis with quarterly earnings comparison and R&D capacity investment and spending trends
    • Cost: $1,000

    • Design Engineering Seat Count

      The Great Recession and Raising Cost of Design Impact Design Engineering Seat Count: Contains 3 tables: Design Engineering seats divided by CAE, IC & PCB layout; ESL, Semiconductor and PCB/ FPGA pyramid seats in number of users as well as dollars.
    • Cost: $1,000

    • 1st Quarter PCB Update

      The latest PCB Market Trends' reports purpose is to provide further visibility into regional PCB EDA tool suppliers and includes updates from Zuken. These updates have created a great deal of change and jockeying of position among PCB EDA suppliers. Includes PCB market share, outlook for revenue, and figure for layout share 2009.
    • Cost: $1,000

    • Embedded Software Review 2010

      Gary Smith EDA conducted their first Embedded Software market survey. Report includes analysis of market (consolidation and future), market size and growth forecast and RTOS Stack and Commodization. Who will own the market stack in the future? Who is likely to make acquisitions and why?
    • Cost: $1,000

    • 4Q2010 Forecast Update: EDA Under Transformation

      It comes as no surprise to anyone that the current state of the economy leaves a lot to be desired. This recession just can’t seem to sufficiently loosen its grip on the global economy, leaving most markets stuck in neutral. Remarkably, EDA spending seems to have resumed “normal” cyclical patterns even though an end to the recession is still a far-off hope. Includes 5 year EDA forecast.
    • Cost: $1,000

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