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Gary Smith EDA (GSEDA) is the leading provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronic System Level (ESL) design, and related technology markets.

  • Industry Notes are short summaries of events that will affect the electronics design world.

  • Executive Summary - 2012 EDA Market Trends

    Market Share: Cadence regained their number two position in the market although that battle isn’t over yet. Mentor remains the Company with their eye on the future, where Cadence’s future direction is still uncertain but building. The Market Trends Executive Summary includes an overview of this year’s Market Growth including a figure comparing ESL vs. RTL markets.


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  • In Search of a Power Model

    Analysis of User Wants & Needs Power Survey in 2011 and how the new ITRS Power Model allows design trade-offs between frequency and gate count.


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  • Design Management & IP Reuse Study

    The shift to commercial Design Data Management software was reaffirmed. With designs exceeding 100+M gates, design files are requiring sophisticated Design Management software that has been specifically targeted toward IC Design. General purpose or PDM tools don’t solve the problem.


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  • Two Current Misconceptions in the Design Community: Software Driven Design & Cloud Computing

    Why Software isn’t driving today’s Hardware and how Cloud Computing isn’t affecting EDA.


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upcoming events
upcoming events
  • 2013 Market Trends v2

    RTL and PCB market share, forecast & analysis by sub-apps
    Publish date: Nov 2013
  • 2013 Market Forecast

    5 year future projections for industry growth
    Publish date: June 2013
  • DATE review

    2013 Review of the DATE show
    Publish date: June 2013
  • 2013 Market Trends v1

    ESL and IC CAD market share, forecast & analysis by sub-apps
    Publish date: Nov 2013
  • GSEDA Sunday Night @ DAC

    Receive the full presentation of Gary's talk with EDA forecast
    Publish date: June 2013