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    Atoptech Shows Explosive Growth

    Atoptech Shows Explosive Growth

    One of the more encouraging trends we’ve seen, coming out of the Great Recession, has been the upgrading of EDA marketing. For the last two years that has been evident in the renewed interest in our Market Trends reports. After we published the 2010 Market Trends (2009 numbers) we were informed that Zuken had been under reporting their numbers for years. After some thorough detecting work Mary Olsson came up with the correct numbers and published a report correcting our PCB Market Trends.

    This year was IC CAD’s turn. We have been following AToptech closely for years. The customers’ input on the tools was pretty impressive and their penetration at Broadcom was significant. We expected to see significant growth during 2011. It appears we were a year off. After we published IC CAD 2011 we were informed that we had significantly underreported Atoptech. They had actually grown an amazing 187% in 2010. That big of a miss, in an area as important as ASIC Layout, needs to be corrected. So here is the corrected C-1 pie chart for 2010. It’ll be interesting to see how they do this year. So far user input indicates it will be as equally impressive as last year.

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