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    Custom/Analog Design Developments Meeting 65nm And Below Challenges
    Custom/Analog Design Developments Meeting 65nm And Below Challenges

    On March 14, 2011, Cadence announced an enhanced version (v6.1) of the Virtuoso-based custom/analog tool that is aimed at boosting designer productivity across all process nodes. While the majority of Virtuoso users in the above 90nm process nodes are expected to use their existing flows, rapid acceptance of the new capabilities is expected at the 65nm and below circuit design. See Table 1 that forecasts design node expectations for 2011.

    The new flow has been selected by several component and foundry design teams, and was previously in Beta site testing with over twenty user companies. In terms of productivity gains, the new Virtuoso custom/analog tool flow has reported productivity gains boosts of 25 to 30 percent over the use of point tools and reduces design documentation effort by 50 percent.

    The timing for this unified custom/analog flow launch is well timed to meet the needs of design and manufacturing of advanced SOC 65nm and below technology nodes. Fabless and IDM designs from Broadcom, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm for Smartphones, e-readers, and tablets are integrating more power management ICs and more functions in SOC designs. As Tunc Doluca, president and CEO of Maxim Integrated Products noted, ultimately a complete mixed-signal SOC or complex power management IC will integrate more functions. Such developments could mark the beginning of smaller new power SOC devices with noise-canceling digital signal processing, a microcontroller, more memory and system clocks.

    As custom/analog devices shrink and product development cycles become shorter, fabless and IDM companies as well as foundry companies will need such solutions like the Cadence Virtuoso v6.1 to complete a complex custom/analog design loop. It appears that Cadence is becoming more proactive by developing and providing a new methodology to better meet schematic and layout challenged solutions for global design teams.

    As mentioned in the February Research Viewpoint 4th Quarter Analog/Mixed Signal Financials, the stronger suppliers of analog/mixed-signal products and technologies are reporting strong orders and shipments to continue through the first half of 2011. Product sales into cellphones/smartphones, smart meters, automotive and tablets are successful areas for new analog/mixed-signal device consumption.

    To view entire paper, download the PDF here


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